Ted Baker

One thing’s for sure, Ted has always been something of an enigma; travelling the globe, setting rather than following fashion, mixing business and pleasure, wherever the fancy has taken him. While Ted’s epic travels around the world became the stuff of legend, his triumphant return to Britain in 1988 saw him quickly establish himself as a shirting specialist of some repute.

Today Ted Baker is a global lifestyle brand offering menswear, womenswear, accessories and everything in between. A quintessentially British brand, Ted Baker is famed for its quirky yet commercial fashion offering, high quality design detailing and distinctive use of pattern and colour. The brand’s unconventional approach to fashion, irreverent sense of humour and, above all, unswerving attention to detail appeals to style-conscious men and women who trust Ted to deliver that certain something out of the ordinary. In order to protect the ethos and persona for which we have gained an enviable reputation, we always ask ourselves the question….”Would Ted do it that way?”