With our Game Changer, Coppley Made-to-Measure event drawing near (beginning September 7th), we thought we could share with you, exactly what you can expect with a custom Coppley Suit.


Here’s how the process of Coppley made-to-measure suit works:

1) You first select the best fitting Coppley model and we will then make adjustments to best suit your individual needs.
2) Our expert associates will guide you through the adjustments that suits you best and will deliver a perfect fit. Fit adjustments can include.

  • the structure and slope of the shoulder
  • drop, vents, and cuffs of the jacket
  • waist, rise, seat, stride, break and hem adjustments of the pant


Once you have the fit your desire, there are also personal details you might consider. There are endless options for customization that will showcase your individual style and make your suit one-of-a-kind, including:

  • 40-45 different swatch options
  • different lapel options
  • functional surgeon cuffs
  • custom lining
  • custom buttons or AMF stitching
  • additional pockets or belt loops
  • custom monogramming on the interior pocket

For two weeks only (September 7th-22nd) you will receive many of these add-ons free-of-charge. The choices are yours, the options are endless.

This Game Changer Event only comes around once a year so join us to get Your Suit, Your Way.

CALL US to book an appointment or drop by the store during regular business hours.


  • Friday, September 7th from 9:00am-9:00pm- We’re open late. Join us for appetizers and refreshments and meet Coppley rep, Zac Sleiman.
  • Saturday, September 8th, 9:00am-5:00pm- Day 2 with Zac Sleiman
  • Monday, September 10th through Saturday September 22nd – Event continues all 2 weeks long during regular business hours.